Jamaica Jerk Trail

#Jamaica Jerk Trail & Origin of Jerk Food

Jamaica jerk trail! Jerking food originated with the Maroons who wanted to conceal their locations from the English. They devised a method of spicing and cooking pork underground so that the smoke could not be seen.

It is argued that the Maroons adopted this method from the Taions and modified it to their advantage.

Today we have not only jerk pork, but also jerk chicken, jerk ribs, jerk sausage, jerk shrimp, jerk fish, jerk lamb, jerk lobster, jerk rabbit, jerk conch.

Festivals, roast yam, roast breadfruit, are some of the delicacies served with jerk.


Jerking is no longer a secret, it is one of Jamaica’s finest authentic food cuisines loved all over the world.


Today right across the island, you can find jerk centres.


To help make your adventure vacation travellers’ visit to Jamaica enjoyable, Your Visit To Jamaica will take you on a jerk trail around the island to identify some of the “Hottest” jerk joints .


We will begin our journey from Montego Bay and go west. They are not listed in order of quality, they are just hot and spicy real traditional Jamaican jerk food.


Jamaica jerk trail Across the country


#1 The Pork Pit in Montego Bay is ideally located along Gloucester avenue, Montego Bay, right in front of Fletcher’s Beach. Here you can enjoy some of the best jerk pork and jerk chicken with festival.


#2 Jamaica jerk trail at Scotchies Montego Bay, reminds me of the Scotch bonnet pepper. At Scotchies, they have two other locations in Ocho Rios and Kingston, but Montego Bay is the original and still the favorite of many.


This Scotchies Jerk food is cooked in the traditional-style, on open-air Bar-B-Qs over pimento wood.


Jamaica jerk trail

Jamaica jerk trail

Scotchies Jerk Centre
On your visit to Jamaica, order your spicy jerk chicken and pork Scotchies, their specialties, but a milder jerk fish is also available, along with a wide range of side orders such as roast breadfruit, roast yam, festival, rice and peas, potatoes and corn.

Scotchies can be describes as one of the hidden gems of Jamaica!

#3 Jamaica jerk trail at Boardwalk Jerk Centre in Negril they do the traditional items – jerked pork, chicken, fish, sausage, and crackling, (which is the skin of the pork) – anything that can be jerked will be jerked there.


They already have a lobster grill where they do live lobster from the pots.

Your Visit To Jamaica

Jamaica jerk trail

Jamaica jerk trail


The Boardwalk Jerk Centre
Whenever you are ready to purchase, they pull the pots from the sea and choose the lobster that you choose and cook it right there in your presence. It is the freshest lobster that you will ever get.


They do the real authentic jerk – the zinc and the pimento wood and the sweetwood and the slow cooking meat smoke.


#4 Ossie’s Jerk Center on Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril. Ossies Jerk Centre has a solid reputation not only for its tasty jerk dishes but also for its outstanding must have sauces.
The atmosphere and aroma are as delightful as the affordable delicious mouth-watering food.


On your visit to Jamaica, this spot is definitely worth a stop for you. Jamaica vacations visitor to Negril looking for a place to taste the real authentic traditional Jamaican jerk is here.


Jamaica jerk trail on the Run


#5 3 Dives Jerk Centre in Negril!  Your Visit To Jamaica – Up on the west end of Negril, Jamaica (an area also known as “the cliffs”) is one of the secret gems of Jamaica – 3 Dives restaurant and bar.

Three Dives serves jerk chicken that comes with a homemade granny sauce patrons always want to take home. They serve grilled lobster in season with garlic butter, callaloo, rice and peas…yum.


Here are some reviews from satisfied customers who have dined at 3 Dives from around the world.


#6 Jamaica jerk trail at The Bourbon Jerk Centre is a unique jerk center because of its unusual concrete pit.




Bourbon Jerk Centre Negril
Their chicken and pork are grilled to perfection with the secret Bourbon Jerk sauce and a side order of festival is enough to satisfy anybody’s taste buds!


However, if Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork is not your style, they have a wide variety of American and a few Mexican dishes for the fussy eaters.
#7 PushCart Jerk Place West End Negril. Open since February 2009, their modern version of the classic, Jamaican “Jerk Centre.” Pushcart serves up the full spectrum of the island’s traditional fare in a lively, colorful, and music-filled “outdoor kitchen” atmosphere.


Make Your Visit to Jamaica and enjoy perfectly smoked and seasoned chicken, pork, and fish straight off the “jerk pan” grill and served with all of the classic staples of “yard” cuisine.


#8 Supreme Jerk Centre, Green Island, Hanover Located on the north-western tip of the island is the tastiest seasoned jerk food on everyone’s lip who pass through that area.


#9 Border Jerk Centre, Ramble, Hanover, is located immediately after crossing the border from Hanover into Westmoreland. This is in the district of Maxfield en route from Montego Bay to Savanna-la-Mar.


Jamaica jerk trail

Jamaica jerk trail


Border Jerk Centre in Ramble Honover

Jamaica jerk trail! in the west…
Border Jerk gets its name because it is literally on the border of these two parishes. This enterprise is operated by a father and son team.


They began in 1994, and has been growing since because of the real Jamaican jerk they prepared.


#10 Jamaica jerk trail at Little Ochie Jamaican Jerk – south coast style! Their unique blend of escallion, thyme, pimento, peppers and secret ingredients will leave you with a lasting tingle.


Their Grilled Lobster will beat that of the finest restaurants in the world.


Jamaica jerk trail

Jamaica jerk trail


Your Visit to Jamaica at Little Ochi and enjoy the natural flavor of lobster smoked on an open wood fire and lightly brushed with a special butter sauce.



Best had with your fingers, this dish is a treat for all your senses. Each bite promises a blast of flavour!


Jamaica Jerk Trail Around The Island


#11 All Seasons Restaurant Bar and Jerk Centre is considered by many to be the best jerk spot in Manchester. They have other real authentic traditional Jamaican dishes served up on the menu as well.


Your visit to jamaica

Your visit to jamaica


All Season Jerk Centre Spur Tree Hill Manchester
All Seasons is perched on the steep slopes of Spur Tree Hill, commanding an impressive view of southern Manchester and St. Elizabeth, down to where the sky meets the sea.


#12 – Hillview Jerk Centre – Located in the cool, cool parish of Manchester, Hillview Jerk Centre got its name because of its breath taking view of the mountains.

Hillview serves authentic Jamaican Jerk with side dishes such as: breadfruit and festival.


#13 Jamaica jerk trail at Fyah Side Jerk Centre in Toll Gate, Clarendon. Despite the threat of crime in Clarendon, customers to this eatery along Toll gate in Clarendon not only come for the tasty jerk pork, chicken, fish and soup but also for the good customer service.


Your visit to jamaica

Your visit to jamaica


Fyah Side Ferk Centre
According to proprietor David Tapper, his way of ensuring that customer service is always at the top of the menu comes from leading by example.


Although the business has an employment cadre of 12 persons, Tapper said he is there working from Sunday to Sunday.
“I still season the meat myself with my special mix of seasoning,” he said.


Your Visit To Jamaica

Your Visit To Jamaica

#14Jamaica jerk trail at JoJo’s Jerk Pit Located at 12 Waterloo Road in Kingston. JoJo’s Jerk Pit and more started out as a simple Farm Market and soon blossomed into what is now one of Kingston’s most popular nighttime eateries.


Jamaica jerk trail at JoJo’s, they knows how to stay ahead of the game with more than just its food, by hosting live music every Saturday night.


In addition to its palatable Jerk dishes, JoJos is dishing up menu items like Mackerel run down and Steamed Callaloo for breakfast. Greek salads, Stew Peas and Oxtail for lunch, and Lamb Burgers and Lobster for dinner.


#15 – Jamaica jerk trail at Chelsea Jerk Centre Located at 7 Chelsea Avenue in New Kingston. Chelsea Jerk Center is a popular spot to enjoy jerked pork and jerk chicken – served with your choice of roasted or fried breadfruit, festival, potato wedges, french fries etc.


Chelsea Jerk Center is renown for it delicious jerk pork and chicken, but they also serve authentic Jamaican breakfast and lunch dishes daily.


Jamaica jerk trail In Portland the Origin

#16 – Boston Bay – Well renowned as The Jerk Capital of Jamaica because there is where modern jerk pork gave birth.

Jamaica jerk trail

Jamaica jerk trail


Boston Jerk Centre
Boston Bay in Portland Jamaica is not only a tantalizing treat for the taste buds it also appeals to sun bathers and vacationers seeking to venture into the realm of water sports.


As the birthplace of modern Jerk pork, Boston Bay is arguably the best place to sample all things Jerk in Jamaica and once a year hosts the Portland Jerk Festival, featuring live music, sideshows and hundreds of jerk food stalls.


Roasted over Pimento leaves in large pits, jerk chicken or pork is cooked by each vendor with their own special jerk sauce recipe. Year round, the beach at Boston Bay and the surrounding roads are lined with jerk stalls.


#16G&B Jerk Centre, Victoria Road, Port Antonio. G & B Jerk Centre has been serving up some of the tastiest menu in jerk dishes along this part of the coast for more than 15 years.


Chef Neville who have been there for more than 8 years, serves up a tender and succulent pork. Grab a cold Red Stripe along with that tasty meal at this wonderful sea front location.


Your Visit to Jamaica, stop by G&B and play a round of dominoes or cards in a relaxed island style environment.


#17 – Blueberry Hill Jerk Centre – Blueberry Hill Jerk Center in Buff Bay is among the many popular spots in the home of jerk in Portland. Operated by Claude Gregory this has been a hot spot for jerk for over 20 years.


Chefs Orville and Annice are a great team and serve up a delightful jerk at this favorite location blessed with a great ocean view.


Jamaica jerk trail Pon Di Corner


#18Pon Di Corner Jerk Centre, Black Hill District, Port Antonio. As you would expect in Portland, the original home of the maroons, capital Port Antonio has several jerk centres.


It lies on the north-eastern coast of Jamaica, about 60 miles (100 km) from the Capital, Kingston.


#19 – Tommy’s Jerk Centre and Sports Bar – is a hidden gem in lushful greenery of Boscobel community of St Mary.


Jamaica jerk trail

Jamaica jerk trail


Tommy’s Jerk Centre
Tommy’s offers an atmosphere of total relaxation where you can enjoy your meal or drinks while listening to tasteful music on very comfortable, spacious grounds.


Upon entering, one is blown away by the immaculately-kept grounds adorned with a combination of wooden tables and benches and a covered eating area, which also houses the bar.
Nature is carefully incorporated as a couple of the benches and tables are built around trees that form the perfect shade for outdoor dining.


#20Jamaica jerk trail at Ocho Rios Jerk Centre – DaCosta Drive, Ocho Rios, close to the entrance to the Crane Ridge Hotel

Jamaica jerk trail

Jamaica jerk trail


Ocho Rios Jerk Centre

The Ocho Rios Jerk Centre -Yes, a good place to sample some of Jamaica’s traditional food, Jerk. The restaurant serves barbequed jerk chicken, pork, fish and conch.


The centre is open air and has a casual, relaxed environment although unlike most jerk stalls, the food is served to you at the table.
#21Lyming at Walkerswood, St. Ann’s Walkerswood is a small community in Ocho Rios, St Ann’s which produces the popular Walkerswood Jerk Sauce.


Lyming at Walkerswood serves up mouth watering real authentic Jamaican dishes in a relaxed and scenic atmosphere.
Known for Jerk products – it offers pork, chicken, fish, sausage, popular side dishes and the best local curried goat and mannish water available on the island.


This is the perfect stop to experience authentic Jamaican cuisine, always with great service from its warm and friendly staff.


#22 – Jamaica jerk trail at Pepper’s Jerk Centre in Falmouth. Pepper’s Jerk Center (restaurant and bar), Falmouth. The ideal place to get the most authentic and delicious Jerked Chicken in Falmouth, Trelawny.





Pepper’s Jerk Centre
They are located at 20 Duke Street, in Falmouth. One of the popular jerk center in Falmouth, they serve Jamaican Jerk dishes, chicken, fish, pork etc.

There you have it, “Jamaica jerk trail” gives you a Jerk trail journey around the island identifying 22 of the tastiest finger licking real traditional jerk food.

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